(VAT) Embryo has to bear suffix “vd bisschop” after birth + Insured

Diamant de Semilly Carthina Z
Le Tot de Semilly Venise Des Cresles Carthago Tanagra 'S' VH Darohof
In love JW van de Moerhoeve
Jenson van't Meulenhof Ischgl de Muze
Vagabond de la Pomme Narcotique de Muze IV Nabab de Reve VDL Groep Eureka


In love JW van de Moerhoeve is the sister of Opium JW van de Moerhoeve, (4th place World Chamionship Lanaken 5y 2019) and Mumbai, active on the highest level with Christian Kukuk and selected for the Olympics 2021.

The smartness of In Love JW combined with the overall quality of Jenson is an offspring to fall in love with.